Thursday, June 14, 2007

Meditation practice

So I pick up this Getting in the Gap book with a meditation CD.
What the hell? I read the book. It's a little OK (yeah that's something I
just termed). Not getting in the book so much, I listen to the CD - with my
headphones on, lying or sitting in a comfortable position as instructed. He
starts talking. OK so far, yeah everyone of these people have to do their
introduction stuff (afterall, how to you expect to sell more and what if people
just blow off the book completely?).

Now, we're going into the zone...oh, excuse me the GAP.

What the crap? The OOOOOMMMMM starts to burn my ears out. It's so deep throaty,
full of basso produndo. I'm a little worried that this guy is giving me blow
job in my ear!!! I've never heard anyone OOOMMM like that in my life...even on
cheap dates. Hell, I've never gone into the dead zone when I don't want to
listen to someone.

Is this guy for real? How in the hell can I meditate when I'm getting blow job
for the eardrums? I can't concentrate. OOOOOOMMMMMMM.

To hell with it. I'll try something else. This is supposed to make me slow down
and relax. I've never been so tense in my life. This is supposed to help
"heal" me. I have MS - it doesn't have me. And neither does Dr. Author -- unless
he buys me a drink (a few) before he gives me an OOOOMMMMMM.

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