Saturday, May 5, 2007

Up and Running

I've taken a couple of days off from the blog, but realize I miss it. The last few posts have been dealing with the depression issues. Since I've seen my Primary Care Physician and been taking the medication, I feel better. I make it through the day. I'm not sure if I'm happy with that or not. While the medication keeps me active and without depression, I have better days. But I was used to the stress. I sort miss it.

Now mind you I haven't changed much of my lifestyle - I can't really due to commitments I've made through the end of the month - but it's definetely better.

So as I continue to work through this, I'll keep posting. Something I should do every day. It really only takes 10 minutes or so. And, since I claim to be a writer, I need to do this everyday. A writer/filmmaker friend of mine inspired me to get back into it. She said, "So why don't you write? Why don't you make a film? You have all of this equipment."

I made the remark that I don't have time. She replied, "To do something, you have to make time."

Good advice. So here I am posting on a Saturday night. Don't feel sorry for me - I've still got time to enjoy my weekend. And I'm going to work on my film. I'm dusting off a script I wrote a while back that has been nagging at me for a rewrite. Plus the 14-year-old asked, "Why not sell your shit?" After letting him have it for his potty mouth, I thought - he too, is right. So, back at it.

Oh yeah, a benefit to the drugs is I don't have the appetite that I once had. I've lost some pounds. People have noticed. I'm feeling good about it too. So, I'm planning to workout. The 16-year-old is inspiring me, too. I'll never have his eight pack (yeah it makes me sick), but he's been my inspiration in more ways than one and that helps.

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